Open Positions

The following positions expire in 2018, they will be voted by Australian Ballot on Town Meeting Day, 2018. A nominating petition to have your name on the ballot is required, due date of petition is January 29th, by the close of the Town Clerks Office.

Select Board 3 year term

Select Board 2 year term

Select Board 1 year term

Town Clerk 3 year term

Treasurer 3 year term

School Director 2 year term

School Director 3 year term

Auditor 3 year term

Planning Commission 3 year term

Planning Commission 2 year term

Planning Commission 2 year term



Positions voted off the floor at Town Meeting, 2018

Cemetery Commission 5 year term

Library Trustee 3 year term

Trustee of Public Funds 3 year term

Hospital Committee 2 year term

Brigham Academy Committee 3 year term

Town Agent 1 year term

Grand Juror 1 year term

First Constable 1 year term

Second Constable/Animal Control Officer 1 year term

Collector of Delinquent Taxes 1 year term